Our Expert Instructors

Our team of 60 field-experienced instructors is the backbone of training seminar schedule, from HVAC certification and maintenance to PLC courses. Together they've logged more than 200,000 hours in the classroom — by far the deepest experience in the industry.

All of our instructors must meet three core requirements:

  1. Relevant formal education in the seminar topic area
  2. Documented hands-on work experience in their area
  3. Specific experience as a maintenance training instructor

Many of our instructors' credentials extend even further, including experience as authors, speakers, and industry organization board members within their fields of expertise. And they stay current on technology and industry trends through their own ongoing education, field visits, and peer review meetings.

The result of our emphasis on instructor quality is a consistently high standard of delivery across all of our 2000+ annual seminars. Workers leave our seminars ready to apply what they've learned to make an immediate impact at their jobs.

Interested students and companies can contact us at 1-877-978-7246 or by email at customerservice@tpctraining.com for more information about specific instructors.

Interested in becoming an instructor? If you believe you meet the standards described above, we'd like to hear from you. Send a current resume with relevant job history, training, and speaking/teaching background, as well as educational and professional memberships, to jobs@tpctraining.com.

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"Instructor showed a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge. Excellent!"

- Tom McNeal, Plant Operator, GBRA