TPC Trainco leads the industry in the delivery of live online seminars designed to teach practical skills your staff can immediately apply to their jobs, whether you need electrical, plant management, HVAC, or mechanical training. Live online training offers multiple advantages, including:

Cost-Saving Convenience

Training staff at off-site locations requires you arrange for the transportation of staff to and from the event, as well as their accommodation while there. Onsite training is more convenient, but conflicts between the instructor’s schedule and your workload may require some staff to miss the seminar, unless you’re willing to pull all staff out of service for the seminar, which may adversely affect production and maintenance.

Live online training allows facilities to schedule training for times that do not clash with their work schedules without incurring any transportation costs.

Easy, Affordable Access to the Industry’s Top Professionals

TPC Trainco instructors are all qualified professionals who have extensive experience in their respective fields. These are people who have spent years applying their knowledge in practical situations, and who continuously update and improve their skills. When you schedule a TPC Trainco live online seminar, you’re providing your employees with the very best in industrial instruction.

Immediate Feedback

One of the greatest benefits of onsite training is the ability to ask questions and get immediate answers from the instructor—an advantage that asynchronous online training lacks.

With live online training, your staff will receive immediate answers, feedback, and advice, just as they would in a traditional classroom. All TPC Trainco instruction is delivered in real time.

Facility-Specific Training

No two commercial or industrial facilities are alike, and TPC Trainco recognizes this. Online instructors can tailor seminars to your needs, giving students the skills they need to work with your specific equipment.

Multiple Training Methods

Individuals learn in very different ways. Some are hands-on learners, while others prefer to learn from written materials or through group discussions. TPC Trainco realizes this. Our live online training includes written materials, instructor presentations, group discussions and exercises, quick quizzes to improve retention, and practical, hands-on instruction.

Proper training is vital to ensure a safe, productive work environment. TPC Trainco live online seminars provide your staff with the knowledge they need to do their jobs. You can’t afford anything less.