Outsourcing corporate training offers many business advantages. For some, outsourcing frees up personnel and resources better utilized in the pursuit of core business roles. Other companies may lack the resources and skill sets necessary for effective training. Cost cutting also plays a role when choosing to outsource training—often an external training provider is simply cheaper.

No matter what your reasoning, you need to evaluate any training provider before committing to their services. The following checklist helps you determine the capabilities, reputation, and effectiveness of outsourced training facilities.

Costs and Expenses?

  • Does the provider offer fixed or variable fees?

  • Are there any additional or hidden costs associated with training?

  • What happens if a project goes over budget?

  • Does the provider offer guarantees based on client satisfaction or results?

Training Considerations

  • Is training delivered in classroom settings or online?

  • If training is classroom-based, will training occur on or off-site?

  • If training is online, is information delivered through live instructors or self-paced learning?

  • What educational and professional experience do instructors possess?

  • Is content current with industry trends and best practices?

  • Is training in accordance with the latest government regulations and laws?

  • Can training be customized to address employee skill gaps and your company’s specific needs?

  • Will training prepare employees for relevant certifications?

  • Will employees receive reference materials and resources?

  • What assessment tools are available to measure training outcomes?

  • Has the provider offered similar training in the past?

Reliability and Reputation

  • Are training deliverables and deadlines realistic?

  • What happens if deadlines or deliverables are not met?

  • Does the training provider have any industry affiliations?

  • Is the provider affiliated with any professional training organizations?

  • Is the provider an audited and certified ISO company?

  • Does the provider offer reputable references?

  • What kind of information is available on the provider’s website?

  • Does the provider serve other clients in your field? If so, does the provider see repeat business?

Other Considerations

  • In the event of disputes, what is the provider’s problem resolution process?

  • How flexible is course scheduling?

  • Does the provider offer a help desk?