Seminar Overview

This 2-day Electrical Grounding and Bonding seminar highlights one of the most important but least understood articles in the National Electric CodeĀ® - grounding and bonding. Simply put, proper grounding and bonding protects your employees from electric shock and your plant and equipment from heat and fire. This 2 day electrical grounding and bonding seminar takes a deep dive into this topic and is aimed at reducing those risks. Additionally, proper grounding of equipment could help answer any power quality issues you may be experiencing.

By bringing this seminar to your facility, we can also incorporate your specific equipment into the training to make it more impactful for your employees.

Discussion Topics


  • Purpose of Grounding
  • Understanding Accepted Definitions
  • Review of Electricity Basics
  • Electrical Shock & Hazards
  • Ground Fault Protection, GFCI / GFPE

Grounding & Bonding Foundations

  • NECĀ® Articles
  • General Requirements
  • Objectionable Current
  • Connection of Equipment
  • Clean Surfaces

System Grounding

  • A/C Circuits 50 to 1000 Volts
  • Circuits not to be Grounded
  • Grounding Service Supplied A/C Systems
  • Main Bonding Jumper & System Bonding Jumper
  • Feeders & Branch Circuits

Grounding Electrode System & Grounding Electrode Conductor

  • Grounding Electrodes
  • System Installation
  • Methods

Enclosures, Raceways and Service Cable Connections


  • Services
  • Other Systems
  • Other Enclosures
  • Hazardous Locations
  • Equipment Bonding Jumpers
  • Piping Systems and Exposed Structural Steel
  • Lighting Protection Systems
  • Other

Equipment Grounding and Equipment Grounding Conductors

  • Permanent Wiring Methods
  • Types of Conductors
  • Identification of Conductors
  • Installation
  • Sizing

Methods of Equipment Grounding

  • Connections
  • Fastened in Place or Permanent Wiring
  • Considered Effectively Grounded
  • Grounded Circuit Conductors
  • Boxes and Receptacles

Specific Equipment Situations

Fundamentals of Equipment-Grounding Circuit Design

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Upon completion of this seminar, the student will receive a certification of completion with 8 classroom hours (.8 Trainco CEUs) per day attended. Visit our continuing education units page to determine if this class is accepted by your state licensing agency.

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