Seminar Overview

Join our Variable Frequency Drives Workshop - Basics to Advanced Applications Workshop courses from virtually anywhere

This virtual instructor-led course combines our Variable Frequency Drives and Variable Frequency Drives Advanced Applications seminars into a four-day workshop for complete coverage of VFDs from the basics all the way through advanced applications..

Students will learn: 

  • Variable Frequency Drives
    • VFD Safety & Electrical Basics Reviews
    • What VFDs Do
    • Benefits of Using a VFD
    • Load Types
    • VFD Options
    • Installation, Wiring & Grounding, and Controlling of a VFDs
    • Customer Connections
    • VFD Setup, Programming, and Troubleshooting
  • Variable Frequency Drives Advanced Applications
    • Controlling a VFD
    • The Electrical Hazards
    • Power Quality Is Impacted by the VFD
    • Multiple VFDs
    • Preventive Maintenance

This comprehensive 4-day PLC Workshop virtual instructor-led course is $2,390 for four days of live training. They include:

  • Four full days of live, interactive instruction from a TPC Training instructor.
  • All classroom materials, including a workbook and reference guide in PDF and paper format.
  • Full technical support to ensure your online experience is as rewarding as being in the classroom.