HVAC trainingTPC Training provides intensive two-day HVAC training seminars in more than 150 cities annually. We have trained nearly 30,000 students in HVAC maintenance and repair since 2004, and have issued EPA 608 certification to more than 10,000 technicians.

Our HVAC courses are designed for maintenance personnel in industrial facilities and commercial buildings. They cover fundamentals of air conditioning and boiler operation and repair, as well as specialized courses on water treatment and chilled water systems. 

These intensive, interactive live training sessions are usually two days in length, and all are just $550 per day. All courses are available both as public seminars and on-site training at your facility.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is a two-day seminar covering the basic operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It includes the certification test for EPA section 608 at no extra charge (USA only). This course is also available as an online Simulcast.

Hands-on Air Conditioning Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Students in this course will be able to charge, evacuate, and troubleshoot an actual AC system as they would in the field. Proper maintenance and troubleshooting scenarios of multiple systems will be discussed to give the attendee the best understanding possible.

Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety course is a two-day seminar covering basic boiler maintenance and safety as well as troubleshooting boiler systems. It's well suited for both the novice technician and the experienced engineer in need of a refresher. This course is also available as an online Simulcast.

HVAC Workshop combines our two-day Boiler Operation and Air Conditioning courses into a four-day workshop for comprehensive HVAC maintenance coverage.

HVAC Electrical Controls & Air Distribution is a two-day seminar on how to use fundamental air distribution principles to achieve consistent HVAC comfort and efficiency in buildings, plants and facilities.

Water Treatment for Boilers, Chillers, and Cooling Towers is a one-day seminar focused on water treatment in industrial HVAC/R systems, with an emphasis on preventive maintenance to ensure system longevity.Please note: this course is currently available for onsite training only.

Chilled Water Systems is a two-day seminar on the components, uses, and applications of chillers, cooling towers, and other chilled water systems. 

Why choose TPC Training for HVAC training?

- Our HVAC training can immediately be applied to increase HVAC efficiency and reduce energy costs.
- Our two-day intensive seminars get workers back on the job quickly to apply what they’ve learned.
- Our live instruction format allows students to discuss the needs and equipment in their own workplace.

All of our HVAC classes are also available as on-site training at your facility. 

All of our courses are backed by our No-Risk Registration and Money Back Guarantee


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