At TPC Training, our mechanical and industrial seminars emphasize practical application of core mechanical skills in the facility. Courses are designed to build a strong technical foundation and help students with specific problems they encounter on the job.

These intensive, interactive live training sessions are usually two days in length, and all are just $550 per day. All courses are available both as public seminars and on-site training at your facility.

Pump Repair and Maintenance helps students understand what to do when a pump stops working and how to repair it. Since broken pumps can have drastic consequences at your facility, we look at troubleshooting common pump problems and finding the source of those pump failures. 

Pump & Pump Systems: Specification, Installation, & Operation is for maintenance personnel tasked with installing and maintaining pump systems, taking students step-by-step through pump installation and optimization. This course is also available as an online Simulcast.

Plumbing and Pipefitting for Plants and Buildings helps maintenance workers keep piping systems operational, keeping costs down and reducing the use of outside contractors. Please note: this course is currently available for onsite training only.

Understanding & Troubleshooting Hydraulics provides the basic building blocks of hydraulics and fluid power. 

Troubleshooting Mechanical Drive Systems & Rotating Equipment helps maintenance workers quickly recognize and repair common mechanical drives and rotating equipment problems to reduce downtime. Please note: this course is currently available for onsite training only.


Why choose TPC Training for mechanical & industrial training?

- Our training can immediately be applied to increase workplace efficiency and reduce downtime.
- Our two-day intensive seminars get workers back on the job quickly to apply what they’ve learned.
- Our live instruction format allows students to discuss the needs and equipment in their own workplace.

All of our mechanical and industrial classes are also available as on-site training at your facility. 

All of our courses are backed by our No-Risk Registration and Money Back Guarantee

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