Seminar Overview

Join our Maintenance Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Training courses from virtually anywhere

This course provides the fundamentals of PdM and condition monitoring applicable to plants, facilities and manufacturing lines. Predictive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring will provide students with a framework to make the right decisions on what equipment needs condition monitoring, what technologies to use to meet their needs and how to measure the effectiveness of their decisions.

Students will learn: 

  • Predictive Maintenance Program Types.
  • Failure Rate vs. Time.
  • Sixteen PdM Program Benefits.
  • Four Foundations for Improving Reliability.
  • Comparing Maintenance Strategies based on Cost and Availability with “Large Truck Case History."
  • Basic Concepts of FMEA and FMECA.
  • Techniques for Identifying Probability and Costs of Equipment Failure.
  • Using Maintenance Log Data.
  • Root Cause Analysis for Beginners.
  • How to Sell Root Cause Analysis to Management.
  • The Role of Reliability Centered Maintenance.
  • PdM for Manufacturing Plant Operators.
  • The Relationship between Availability and Reliability.
  • Down-Time Analysis.
  • A Review of PdM Technologies - Four Hour Presentation.
  • How PdM Technologies Integrate with RCM-Reliability Centered Maintenance.
  • How to Write a PdM Return On Investment Report.
  • On-Line Monitoring for Instant Machine Condition Diagnostics.
  • The Future of Predictive Maintenance.
  • Miscellaneous: How to Use Conformance Testing for Contractor Suppliers.

In addition to exposing students to the principles and options for a program, they will learn about real world applications that have benefited other successful maintenance programs.

This 2-day seminar is just $1100.

As with our classroom courses, this Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring simulcast course is $1100 for two days of live training. They include:

  • Two full days of live, interactive instruction from a TPC Training instructor.
  • All classroom materials, including a workbook and reference guide in PDF and paper format.
  • Full technical support to ensure your online experience is as rewarding as being in the classroom.