These free, live, 1-hour webinars provide topical information and discussion on issues that are critically important to our customers. In each webinar, you will be guided by a TPC Training instructor and have the opportunity to ask questions. Recorded versions of prior webinars can be found on our Previously Recorded Webinars page

Enhanced Workforce Management with the New TPC Fusion System

Scheduled Date: Thursday, October 1st at 2 PM CST

TPC Training is proud to unveil TPC Fusion, our brand-new comprehensive workforce management platform. Join us for a free public webinar session where we will discuss the new features of our system and what it can do to drive training and performance within your organization. Topics include:
- Setting up robust customized training programs for employees
- Supervising g on-the-job training as well as classroom training progress
- Utilizing mobile forms for workplace inspections and skills verification
- Managing contractors in real-time

The Systematic Approach to Troubleshooting

Scheduled Date: Thursday, October 22nd at 2 PM CST

The term "troubleshooting" is a central part of almost any technical career, whether it be maintenance, operations, or engineering. However, the process of troubleshooting can vary greatly from place to place. Join TPC Training on this free public webinar as we discuss a systematic troubleshooting approach that can be used any time you troubleshoot, regardless of whether it's on electrical systems, mechanical systems, HVAC, or operational. We will discuss:
- What are the key things to think about when troubleshooting?
- What are some common mistakes made during the troubleshooting process?
- What steps can we take without needing to exposed to hazards?
- Some applications of the troubleshooting process

Where Troubleshooting and Training Come Together: Using Software to Efficiently Understand Machines and Processes

Scheduled Date: Thursday, November 5th at 2 PM CST

When troubleshooting a machine or process that has broken down, many organizations struggle to quickly find issues and address them, resulting in long periods of costly downtime. Similarly, when training on-the-job, technicians rarely document best practices when passing knowledge to their colleagues. Thankfully, there are software solutions available in the 21st century that can streamline how we troubleshooting and train on our machines. Join TPC Training on this free public webinar as we discuss how to use software to:
- Locate and interact with machine schematics in real-time
- Find part numbers, settings, and specs on any machine component in real-time
- Pinpoint areas for troubleshooting quickly and efficiently
- Onboard new technicians quickly on the operation of the machine or process

Understanding How a Boiler Works: The Basics

Scheduled Date: Thursday, November 19th at 2 PM CST

Many commercial and industrial organizations operate boilers in their buildings. It's important for the organization to have a grasp of how their boiler systems work so they can maintain and troubleshoot them. Join TPC Training for this free public webinar as we discuss the fundamentals of a boiler system. We will discuss:
- Breakdown of the basic working components of a boiler system
- Understanding boiler terminology
- Understanding how steam flows in a system
- Different types of boilers

How to Train Outside of the Classroom: On-the-job and Machine-specific Training in the 21st Century

Scheduled Date: Thursday, December 3rd at 2 PM CST

It's important to remember that learning does not end when you leave the training classroom! In today's 21st-Century environment, technicians have access to more information and support systems outside of the classroom than ever before. Join TPC Training during this free public webinar, where we will discuss the best ways for technicians to continue learning throughout their careers. We will discuss:
- Using centralized platforms to troubleshoot and train on machines
- Using electronic forms for on-the-job training and skills verification
- Microlearning at the moment of need
- Using technology to gain hands-on experience in a virtual environment

Crash Course on How to Read Electrical Schematics

Scheduled Date: Thursday, December 17th at 2 PM CST

Electrical schematics are one of the most important tools for any electrical worker looking to troubleshoot and understand their electrical systems. Having the skills to understand symbols and logic in an electrical diagram can save valuable time and man-hours on the job. Join TPC Training for this free public webinar crash course on electrical schematics on how to read them. We will discuss:
- Common electrical schematic symbols
- Overview of electrical terminology
- Understanding Normally Open vs. Normally Closed on a schematic
- Review of European vs. North American schematic features
- Introduction to ladder diagrams for control circuits


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