These free, live, 1-hour webinars provide topical information and discussion on issues that are critically important to our customers. In each webinar, you will be guided by a TPC Training instructor and have the opportunity to ask questions. 

Measurement Tools for HVAC Technicians and How to Use Them

Date/Time: December 10, 2021 at 2 PM Central Time

HVAC technicians use a variety of tools to troubleshoot and understand the operation of the air conditioning systems they work on. Join TPC Training for this free public webinar that will cover some of the most useful tools for an HVAC technician and how to use them.

Topics include:

  • HVAC pressure gauges
  • Temperature measurement devices
  • P-T Charts
  • Humidity measurement devices
  • Other tools of the trade

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How to Read Your International (IEC) Style Electrical Schematics

Date/Time: January 14th, 2022 at 2 PM Central Time

Electrical schematics are one of the most important tools for any electrical worker looking to troubleshoot and understand their electrical systems. Having the skills to understand symbols and logic in an electrical diagram can save valuable time and man-hours on the job. Join TPC Training for this free public webinar crash course on International style electrical schematics on how to read them.

Topics include:

  • Compare International  vs. North American overall schematic features
  • Most common electrical schematic symbols
  • Power vs. control circuit
  • How to troubleshoot using international schematics

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Understanding Multimeter Measurements for Electrical Troubleshooting

Date/Time: February 11th, 2022 at 2 PM Central Time

In this technical webinar, TPC Training explores the readings of an electrical multimeter when electrical troubleshooting. In this webinar, we discuss AC and DC voltage readings, Ohm readings, and Ampere readings using the amp clamp, and how to interpret their readings when measuring electrical control panels. Does a "0" voltage reading mean the circuit is de-energized? What does "OL" mean on the resistance setting?

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Understanding the Refrigeration Cycle as an HVAC Technician

Date/Time: March 11th, 2022 at 2 PM Central Time

When troubleshooting an air conditioning system, one of the most important skills an HVAC technician can have is understanding the refrigeration cycle. In this webinar, we break down the working parts of the refrigeration cycle and how it translates to the operation of an air conditioning system.

Topics include:

  • Core components of the refrigeration cycle and their location
  • Understanding of heat transfer throughout the air conditioning system
  • Understanding the relationship between temperature and pressure
  • Understand the terms of superheat and sub cooling
  • Best practices for troubleshooting an air conditioning system, using an understanding of the refrigeration cycle

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