Our Curriculum

TPC Training's curriculum is designed to provide complete coverage of essential industrial maintenance skills, across a full range of electrical training, HVAC, plant management, and mechanical & industrial topics. Our "see, touch, do" instructional approach allows us to impart practical skills in an intensive format.

Our curriculum is built on the expertise of our instructors, allowing us to condense volumes of research, content, and experience into our typical two-day format while ensuring that every critical topic gets proper attention.

But the most vital part of our seminar format is the coverage that goes beyond the course outline. Our small class sizes allow each instructor to tailor the course to address students' individual needs, concerns, and experience levels. Our instructors deliver content with hands-on exercises, demonstrations role-playing, visuals, and case study discussions.

Students also receive reference materials in simple laminated charts, instructor notes, or seminar manuals to help them continue to use what they learn from TPC Training. For most courses, students or supervisors can purchase optional study guides for testing or further reference.

"Very practical. Great discussions of real life, on the job situations."

- Daniel Williams, Maintenance Supervisor, Mount Hermon Assoc.