Our Approach to Maintenance Training

Our ability to train technicians on essential maintenance topics in just two to four days is the foundation of our success. We're able to deliver measurable skill gains in a short seminar because we focus on real-world scenarios and practical knowledge that our students can immediately apply to their facility.

What makes our training approach different?

Tailored content — Our live instruction format encourages students to discuss the needs and equipment in their own workplace, allowing tailored feedback from the instructor.

Industry expertise — From electrical training to facility management, our team of more than 60 expert instructors earns high marks from our students for the deep field experience they bring to each seminar

Active participation — We employ demonstrations, problem-solving exercises, and teaching aids to deliver an engaging, interactive session that increases practical skill acquisition.

Measurable outcomes — Our optional testing and certification allow you to assess training needs and outcomes and can be used toward continuing education credits.

Unbiased education — Unlike many other training seminars, ours are independent and commercially unbiased, with a total focus on delivering a high-impact learning experience.

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"Easy to understand — who said old dogs can't learn new tricks?"

- Hayden Walker, Pipefitter, VA Medical Center