Seminar Overview

This PLC Programming Workshop combines our introductory PLC course with our programming and applications course to provide the student a complete PLC education from a basic introduction on how PLCs work to providing them the knowledge, confidence and ability to modify or create their own PLC programs.

The training in this class is practical and geared to cover most of the PLC situations students will run across in the field. The training presented is not manufacturer specific but uses LogixPro 500 simulators so that students can explore the variety of PLC software platforms that they will encounter in their jobs.

Please Note: This four day seminar consists of the two-day “PLCs for Non-Programmers” seminar and the two-day “PLC Programming and Applications” seminar that are offered consecutively to create this workshop.  This seminar is great for students who want a comprehensive training seminar that will immerse them in the world of PLCs.

This 4 day workshop is $2,390.

PLCs for Non-Programmers

PLC Programming and Applications

Download the PLCs for Non-Programmers brochure

Download the PLC Programming and Applications brochure

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Upon completion of this seminar, the student will receive a certification of completion with 8 classroom hours (.8 TPC Training CEUs) per day attended. Visit our continuing education units page to determine if this class is accepted by  your state licensing agency.

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