Seminar Overview

Join our PLC Programming Workshop virtual instructor-led courses from virtually anywhere

This Virtual Instructor-led course combines our PLCs for Non-Programmers and PLC Programming & Applications and seminars into a four-day workshop for complete coverage of PLC automation.

Students will learn: 

  • PLCs for Non-Programmers
    • Hardware Focus
    • How PLCs Work
    • PLC Terminology
    • Parts of a PLC
    • Hardware Considerations
    • Logic Ladder Logic
    • Introduction to Programming
    • Common PLC & PID Instructions
    • “Real World” Applications & Case Studies
    • Input Data Table & Output Devices
    • Identifying I/O Field Device Faults & I/O Module Faults
    • The Data Monitor Screen
    • Processor and I/O Status Screen
    • Ultimate Troubleshooting Flowchart
    • Using Troubleshooting Tools & Software Tools
  • PLC Programming & Applications
    • Five Parts of a PLC
    • PLC System Sequence of Operation
    • Relay Type & Bit Type I/O Instructions
    • Addressing & Logic Gates
    • Troubleshooting Logic
    • Converting Hardwired Systems
    • Timer Parameters & Control Bits
    • Binary Decimal System
    • Programmer & Processor Memory
    • Compare, Program Control, Compute & Transfer Instructions

This comprehensive 4-day PLC Workshop virtual instructor-led course is $2,390 for four days of live training. They include:

  • Four full days of live, interactive instruction from a TPC Training instructor.
  • All classroom materials, including a workbook and reference guide in PDF and paper format.
  • Full technical support to ensure your online experience is as rewarding as being in the classroom.